MET-160 - Engineering Graphics With Solid Works

2 credits

The purpose of this course is to instruct the student in the feature-based, parametric solid modeling system called Solid Works. The course begins with an overview of Solid Work's sketching environment where students learn to create 2D objects such as lines and arcs. Definition is then added to the sketch including numerical dimensions and geometric relationships. Solid features are created including extrusions and features of revolution. Students are instructed in the creation of workplanes and placed features so that complicated solid models can be designed. Solids are then arranged into assemblies. Engineering drawing documentation is introduced in accordance with the ASME Y14.5 standards. The course ends with a review and discussion of the SolidWorks Certification Exam (CSWA).

Prerequisite(s): MAT 078 , MAT 073 or MAT 079 (minimum grade C-) or placement at Algebra I on the math placement test.

Corequisite(s): MET 160L 

Previously known as: MECH-160