MET-280 - Mechanical Engineering Tech Internship

3 credits

The goal of this course is to offer the student an opportunity to work at a local company during a semester in lieu of a scheduled Mechanical Engineering Technology curriculum course. The student is responsible for securing their own employment with a company whose business is related to a course within the MET curriculum. The student is assigned to a faculty sponsor in the MET department who will determine if their employment is applicable in lieu of an on-campus MET course. The student cannot enroll in the course like a regular MET course; they are enrolled automatically after they complete the paperwork with the faculty sponsor. All paperwork must be processed by the 4th week of a regular 15 week semester or the 2nd week of a 7-week flex term. The student, employer, faculty sponsor, and internship coordinator all have to sign paperwork before the registrar can enroll the student in the class. All paperwork should be completed at least one week in advance of the enrollment deadline to allow time for processing. Upon course enrollment, the student is responsible for maintaining a journal of their work experiences and how they relate to the MET curriculum. The student's journal consists of a 1-page essay per week of employment. The student and employer complete evaluations which are used for grading and feedback.

Prerequisite(s): At least 12 credits earned in MECH.AS or CNCO.COC with a minimum GPA of 2.5.