MLT-216 - Immunology & Immunohematology

3 credits

The first part of this course will focus on the study of the nature of the immune system. Topics include the nature of immunity, antigens, and the immune response. This is the fastest-growing and a very high technology area. Serological procedures will be presented and their diagnostic significance will be emphasized. Discussions include monoclonal antibodies and EIA detection procedures used in microbial and/or immune disorders. The second portion of the course will focus on red blood cell immunology as it relates to ABO/RH, typing procedures, compatibility testing, and antibody detection and identification techniques will be presented and the clinical significance of each will be identified. Blood donors, component preparation, and transfusion practices will be reviewed, in addition to recordkeeping and quality control procedures.

Prerequisite(s): MLT-126 

Corequisite(s): MLT 216L 

Previously known as: CLLS-316