PSY-260 - Field Practicum

3 credits

Field practicum includes both the 90 hours of Practicum and the weekly practicum seminar. The Field Practicum provides behavioral science students with an opportunity to demonstrate, practice, and learn practical skills, examine and test their understanding of ethics and values, apply and integrate classroom learning, acquire new knowledge about best practices in a variety of substantive areas and practice settings, and develop an identity as a social science professional. Students generally spend an average of seven hours per week in the field. In addition to the time spent in the field setting, practicum students also participate in a weekly integrative seminar. The seminar provides students with an opportunity to discuss and compare practicum experiences, learn from and teach each other, examine personal values and ethical issues in practice, and further integrate knowledge and experience through structured assignments and activities.

A $200 fee to cover a CORI/SORI screening and other requirements will be charged to students who enroll in this course (this fee is in addition to the per-credit tuition and fees).

Prerequisite(s): ENG 101 PSY 101 

Mass Transfer Block: Credits earned in this course are counted towards the MassTransfer Block Behavioral and Social Sciences requirements.