Blackboard Login Instructions

With the move to Ultra Base Navigation (UBN), the Blackboard login page has been redesigned to be more user-friendly for both students and faculty. Both the STCC Account and Other User logins are now two buttons on the login page that will bring you to their respective login screens.

Screenshot of Blackboard Login Page

Getting to the New Blackboard Login Page

To get to the new Blackboard login page, visit or click the Blackboard link under “eTools” in the Top Navigation of this website,

screenshot of eTools menu with Blackboard highlighted

STCC Account Login Method Changes

The “STCC Account Login” option is now a button, not a drop-down menu.  The STCC Account login method is now the primary way to login into Blackboard. This login method uses your STCC Account credentials (same as ARIES, STCCNet, STCC Gmail, etc.).

Old STCC Account Login Method

screenshot of old STCC login button that reads Sign in with third-party account

New STCC Account Login Method

Screenshot of New STCC Login with heading Students, Faculty, and Staff

Other User Login Method

The “Other User Log In” option will bring you to the original login page. This option is for users who cannot log in with the STCC Account Login, such as non-STCC users, recent name changes, and legacy faculty accounts.

screenshot of Other User Login with heading Other Blackboard Users