Blackboard Login Instructions

All new and returning STCC students are provided with access to the College’s Blackboard Learn System. *Before visiting this link to the STCC Blackboard Login Page, please review the information on this page to learn more about student user accounts, logging in to Blackboard, and accessing online course materials.

*Note: New user Blackboard accounts will not be created until you have officially registered for a course. Your Blackboard account will be created within 24 hours of class registration.

Accessing Your Blackboard Account

Use your STCC Account credentials with the Sign in with third party account button to log in to Blackboard (screenshot below). These are the same credentials you use to log into ARIES, STCCNet Portal, and your STCC student email. If you are using the Blackboard Student App on your smart phone or tablet you will need to use your 7 digit student ID number as the password when logging in.

screenshot of Blackboard Login

Accessing Blackboard Courses

Online, Hybrid & WebAssisted Courses

  • Access to Blackboard courses starts the Friday before the start of each semester but some courses will not open to students until the first day of the semester
  • Classes officially begin on the first day of the semester, which is noted on the STCC Academic Calendar
  • All students taking courses at STCC will be sent their STCC account information to either their personal email address or via USPS to their home address no later than one week before the start of the semester.
  • Students who do not receive their STCC account credential letter can get help accessing their accounts by contacting the IT Helpdesk at
  • After logging in to Blackboard, you can access a specific course by clicking on its name in your Course List

Lecture Courses

  • Some lecture courses will still have a course in Blackboard for things like the course syllabus, course handouts, and other documents.
  • Faculty will provide students with instructions on accessing their Blackboard course materials during the first week of classes
  • After logging in to Blackboard, you can access a specific course by clicking on its name in your Course List