2 Axis CNC Lathe Training: Setup Technician

WMAN-202 2 Axis CNC Lathe Training: Setup Technician

Hours: 24
Fee: TBD

Program Description

Students learn to set up 2 axis CNC lathes through practical hands-on application.

Training highlights include:

  • Set tool and work offsets
  • Indicate the workpiece for runout
  • Run a graphic and dry run
  • Cut parts on Haas 2 axis lathes
  • Adjust offsets to meet blueprint specification
  • Complete a first article inspection

3-day training, 8 hours per day, 24 hours total.

A certificate of completion will be provided.

This training can be converted into (1) college credit after enrolling in the CNC Operations Certificate (CNCO.COC) or Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate’s degree (MECH.AS).


For more information or to enroll please contact Elliot Levy at emlevy@stcc.edu.