HiSET/GED Exam Preparation

HiSET/GED Exam Preparation

Fee: Free
Instruction: In-person/Lecture and Online/Distance

Program Description

HiSET/GED classes prepare students interested in college for the academic challenges of college-level courses and for the challenges of entering employment. The following classes are offered:

  • Preparation for the High School Equivalency Test Classes: HiSET/GED
  • Technology Classes: digital literacy and computer use
  • College and Career Workshops: advising and workforce readiness preparation
  • HiSET/GED to Medical Sciences: explore the human body systems while in a HiSET/GED class
  • Financial Literacy: explore finances, budgeting, and investing while in a HiSET/GED class
  • Book Club: improve your reading skills while reading in small groups

Program Details

In-person Day

Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

In-person Evening

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


One on one Zoom meetings and Google Classroom assignments

Student Handbook Policies

As a participant in this program/course I understand that I am bound by all the rules, regulations, and policies of STCC as outlined in the Springfield Technical Community College Student Handbook.

Partner agencies can submit Hampden Prep, HiSET/GED Classes, and T2C referrals by completing the SALC Partner Referral Form.

What should I expect after applying?

A staff member will reach out to you with a phone call to discuss your needs and set up your assessment dates.

Students take reading and math assessments before being placed in classes. These assessments will be offered in-person or online. The assessments provide information to help us put you in the correct classes.

Once assessments are complete, you will be invited to an orientation to complete the application process. Orientation takes place prior to a new enrollment period (September, October, November, January, March).

After orientation, you will be placed in classes and classes begin.

How many HiSET/GED class levels are there?

There are three class levels:

  • Level I - Basic Literacy (2.0 - 4.9 grade level)
  • Level II - Pre-ASE (5.0 - 8.9 grade level)
  • Level III - ASE (9.0 - 12.0 grade level)
  • Level IV - ASE (9.0 - 12.0 grade level - classes focus on subjects needed to complete the HiSET/GED)

Are there additional classes I can take?

Yes, HiSET/GED students may also take the following additional classes:

  • HiSET/GED to Medical Sciences: a look at the human body through a medical lens and an introduction to medical terminology
  • Financial Literacy: a look at money management
  • Book Club: reading in small groups

Where are classes held?

Classes are held on the STCC campus and the Springfield Housing Authority, SHA Sullivan Housing complex 160 Nursery St.

How do register for a high school equivalency test (HiSET/GED)?

Students register online to take the HiSET/GED exam through the Educational Testing Service.

Students register online to take the GED test through GED.com.

Where will I take my high school equivalency test (HiSET/GED)

There are various HiSET/GED testing centers in the region. When you register to take the test can select your testing location. The STCC Testing Center in the Ira H. Rubenzahl Student Learning Commons (B19) room 238 is an authorized location.

If you need assistance completing the online registration or have other questions regarding the HiSET/GED exam, please call the Testing Center at (413) 755-4709.

Can you help me explore career, college, or employment opportunities?

Yes. During your enrollment in the program, the Career & Educational Advisor meets with each student and develops a career education plan.

If you want to attend college, the Transition to College Advisor is available to assist you. Please contact the Adult Education Center at (413) 755-4300 or SALC@stcc.edu.

What should I do while I am on the wait list?

  • Take the digital and computer literacy classes under Hampden Prep. Fill out the inquiry form as soon as possible.
  • Read daily
  • Write daily
  • Practice keyboarding at typing.com
  • Practice using email by setting up an account


We are flexible! SALC staff members are available to meet in person on-campus and virtually:

 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


For more information about HiSET/GED classes connect with us on the SALC Facebook group or contact us using the information below. We look forward to working with you!

Springfield Adult Learning Center
Springfield Technical Community College Campus
Building 27, Second Floor
1 Armory Square
Springfield, MA 01102
Phone: (413) 755-4300
FAX: (413) 755-6333
Email: SALC@stcc.edu

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Attend an assessment session.
    • A link to register for an in-person or on-campus assessment session will be emailed to you shortly.