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Proctoring Services

STCC provides proctoring services for other Colleges and Universities, as well as for business and industries needing a proctored environment.

Please remember that the number of hours of proctoring required is determined by the exam, not what you think you might use.

FEE - $25 per hour

  • · CertiPort Microsoft MTA and Office Exams are each 1 hour long ($25)
  • · College and Professional Exams Proctoring
    • Based on time allowed by originator of the exam

To Pay for Proctoring Services Online:

  1. Click ARIES Registration
  2. Carefully click the SELECT box for the number of hours of proctoring you require.
    • WATC-61 Proctor Fee – 1 hour - $25
    • WATC-62 Proctor Fee – 2 hour - $50
    • WATC-63 Proctor Fee – 3 hour - $75
    • WATC-64 Proctor Fee – 4 hour - $100 
    • Each time limit has multiple sections for multiple exams in a Quarter
    • Please make sure you select the right option.
    • If you are taking a 2nd exam in the same quarter, you will need to select a different Section
    • Enter in your personal and credit card information. Your receipt will be immediately emailed to you.
    • If it does not, check with our office at 755 4225 a few weeks prior to the class to confirm the room numbers.
  3. Please give the system 24 hours to allow your information to be available to the Authorized Testing Center (ATC)
  4. To schedule your Exam call the ATC directly at 413-755-4507

To Enroll in Person:

Go to STCC Building 27, Room 254 to register for the course or call 413-755-4225.

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