LEO-140 - Fiber Optic Technology and Applications

2 credits

In this course, students will learn the principles of fiber optic technology and its applications in modern society. Students will gain theoretical and hands-on experience with fiber-optic components, test and measurement equipment, splicing and termination. Topics will include the total internal reflection, multimode and single mode fiber optic cables, fiber optic cable manufacturing, dispersion, fiber optic termination and testing, dB and dBm, loss testing, fusion slicing, OTDRs, LED and laser light sources, detectors, voice and data communications, fiber optic sensors, wavelength division multiplexers and couplers, fiber Bragg gratings, Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, and more. Classroom and laboratory activities will be supplemented with industry tours, Internet research assignments, and a hands-on design project.

Two-hour lecture; three-hour lab.

Prerequisite(s): LEO 110 

Corequisite(s): LEO 140L 

Previously known as: LEOT-348