Online Learning and Blackboard Orientations

Navigating college education digitally can be scary, but we're here to help. Our resources are designed to meet the needs of students, whether you're new to online learning or looking to enhance your skills.

  • For on-the-go inquiries, our Online & Digital Resources website offers a library of instructions and tutorials.
  • Explore our Blackboard Orientation course for comprehensive, step-by-step guidance.
  • Delve into Online Learning Orientation webinars led by experts, covering real-time tips and techniques.
  • Prefer to learn at your own pace? Our pre-recorded Online Learning Orientation webinar is available anytime, anywhere.

With a focus on Blackboard Learn, we're committed to ensuring you have the tools and knowledge needed for a seamless academic journey.

Online & Digital Resources Website

The Online & Digital Resources website has instructions and tutorial videos on how to use many technologies, including Blackboard Learn, used by students.

Blackboard Orientation Course

All students have access to a free, self-paced Blackboard Orientation course in Blackboard. The orientation will give you the opportunity to practice using Blackboard on your own to better understand how it works. Upon registering for a course, you will also have access to the Blackboard Orientation course. You will find it in your course list with the name of Blackboard Orientation – COL-001.

To Access the Blackboard Orientation Course

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Click "Courses" in the left menu.
  3. Click the course title "Blackboard Orientation - COL-001-D01". The Blackboard Orientation course appears.

Online Learning Orientation Webinars

STCC offers an instructor-led Online Learning Orientation at the beginning of each semester. Attending one of the orientation sessions is optional, but highly recommended for students new to taking online courses or using the Blackboard Learning System. Sessions are approximately an hour in length.

Please note, course-specific software, such as MyLab and SAM, is not covered in detail during the Online Learning Orientation. If you are a student and have questions about these topics, please contact your instructor.

How to Sign Up

To attend one of our orientation sessions, you will need to be a new or current student at STCC. To register, click on one of the upcoming orientation dates/times below.

Summer 2024 - Session 1, Session 1EXT

Summer 2024 - Session 2

Online Learning Orientation Recording

If you can’t attend one of our live Zoom orientations, please watch a video of one of our previous orientations below:


Online Learning Office