3 Axis CNC Mill Training: Programmer

WMAN-303 3 Axis CNC Mill Training: Programmer

Hours: 24
Fee: TBD

Students learn to program 3 axis CNC mills through practical hands-on application:

Training highlights include:

  • Cartesian Coordinate System and program origin
  • Calculate speeds and feeds
  • Standard types of tools and toolholders
  • G and M codes and CNC program templates
  • Write CNC drilling and milling programs from scratch
  • Prove programs in Vericut

The program consists of 3 days of training, 8 hours per day, for 24 hours total.

A certificate of completion will be provided.

This training can be converted into (1) college credit after enrolling in the CNC Operations Certificate (CNCO.COC) or Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate’s degree (MECH.AS).


For more information or to enroll please contact Elliot Levy at emlevy@stcc.edu.