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Human Resources

MGM Training Opportunity

Check this list. If you see a skill that you need or want to enhance, check out the various options that STCC offers to help you to obtain that skill.

Labor Relations

Experience managing unionized employment solutions including working with union representatives and workers to achieve common goals.

Training Options

Human Resources Principles

Knowledge of foundational human resources elements such as creating a work environment that promotes teamwork, performance feedback, recognition, mutual respect and employee satisfaction; training and succession planning processes that encompass the company’s diversity commitment; adherence to the company’s status quo third party representation philosophy; compliance with company policies, legal requirements and collective bargaining agreements.

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Human Resources Regulations

Knowledge of federal, state and local human resources regulations as it pertains to assessment, hiring, onboarding, employee performance and appraisal.

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Ability to source qualified individuals from sources to fit a company's needs.

Training Options

Assess Candidates

Knowledge of and ability to use assessment / interviewing methods and tools to determine a candidate's potential ability to perform well in a job.

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