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MGM Training Opportunity

Check this list. If you see a skill that you need or want to enhance, check out the various options that STCC offers to help you to obtain that skill.

Data analysis

The ability to collect data sets, evaluate information and systems, and draw logical conclusions.

Training Options

Organizational Behavior

Knowledge of conflict management and the process of managing change in an organization

Training Options


Work with other individuals to ensure that tasks are completed as requested. Act as a liaison between departments and individuals to ensure all parties work together to complete the task.

Training Options

Plan and Prioritize Work

The ability to set priorities, plan and coordinate work activities and the willingness to take independent action to complete these tasks without being instructed to do so.

Training Options

Financial Analysis

Examine financial statements and other data to determine the viability and profitability of a business or other entity.

Training Options

Increase Workplace Efficiency

Develop efficient work methods, strategies to simplify and streamline work

Training Options

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